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bad news - our main server crashed (likely by some weather based power peak) in a very evil way - worst case scenario - raid 5 array has one disk completely destroyed and a second out of sync - so it may be a complete data loss of the main site and ftp

until this issue is resolved the main site will redirect to the team server at (please be kind to it, it's not that strong)

and the ftp server is gone for now (2mio++ files, ouch)

all hosted sites including are not affected any more and should work as expected.

you may experience occasional down times as we work on this.

theres a backup i made of most stuff (~500GB) over winter so worst case would be a half year upload and a complete reinstall of the main server...

now the good part - any crisis we survived improved things horribly - and there have been many

regarding news - well sorry i havent posted news but just uploaded and uploaded (about 50.000 new files over winter and about 100.000++ virus scan protocols - i heated my flat with uae)

i promise to post news again after that issue is addressed

and of course the archive will remain if at all possible (including recrowding the ftp) - it was too much work to just disappear in time...

and last but by far not least - big thanks to warlock from - without his local hands such issues would not be addressable at all. a pleasureful non stressy work with him, even in crisis times - hippie approved (tm)...

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