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Question Games dont work

I downloaded some games and burned them on cds and I have serious problem, most of them dont work

It happened for the frist time yesterday with MK2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (both from zophars rom page) so I thought games from this site dont work properly. But it happened again with Athlete Kings from coolrom site and it cant be accident because the games suck in the same way:

MK 2 - when loading, after the probe logo, access light blinks once and the cd starts rotating very fast and nothing happens.
Ult MK3 - after the probe logo and mans laugh cd stops rotating and nothing happens

Today I burnt Athlete Kings, after first event, 100m, it asks me (i guess) for something (my name, initials ?) but i cant see anything, there is some graphic glitch. I push the button three times and start another event, long jump, after that that game crasehes just like MK games, black screen, cd rotating, end.

I wasted ten cds on these games, burnt them with diff speed, in alcohol, nero but the problems are the same (only games that work well are Radiant Silvergun and NHL 98 but similar problems can occur in later parts of the games).

I doubt its isos problem, I picked five games and three of them dont work.

I would like to play some games, it seems SS is awesome console but the games dont work
What am I doing wrong?
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