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Originally Posted by pbareges View Post
hi dear friend...

i received the book and i must say that i'm little disappointed...not about the content really... there's a lot of valuable info and some good unknown facts or stories...but given such a cover (space invaders sprite), i would have hopped more from the early ages and especially the 80's ....the amiga era is almost not represented in the book whereas i see it as the golden age of video games...i guess this is all too subjective and you tried to be objective...but still 90/00 era share is way too much for a vintage book according to me!

anyway keep up with the good job...i will buy your next vintage essay anyway(the 85-95 amiga one)!!

LOL, you should see the Rough Guide to Gaming, which gave me the same reaction. Almost all of their games are from the 00s. Still, I agree that the title can be confusing; we argued incessantly with the publisher over it but they insisted. It should really be called something like "The Greatest Videogames Ever." Some people seem to have bought it thinking it would be limited to the 70s and 80s, and I think the title and to some extent the cover art is responsible for that.

At any rate, I've hopefully been making up for some of that with my Matt Chat videos, which have covered some 80s and 90s games that I think are great.
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