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1st post and its for some help with WHDLOAD! sorry all

Hi there i'm having trouble getting WHDload to work on my A1200. I have searched far and wide for an answer on the net before coming here so please dont think I'm taking the easy route but any more time spent getting this to work may result in divorce.

right where do I start. Installed WHDload, Placed rtb files in DEVS:kickstarts. Place corresponding roms in same folder renamed KS1.3 to kick34005.a500 and renamed KS3.1 to kick40068.a1200. Each time i load a game that needs the a1200 rom I get the message "error during 'resload_LoadKick' invalid kickstart image . I have, based on what others have said on here tried 4 different verions of the kick rom including the original from my a1200 extracted using Grabkick. but none of them appear to be valid. Am I missing something as all I really want to do is play Pinball fantasies!!!!

Please someone help me out here


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