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Unhappy Help please

I have my SS model 1 (with oval buttons) and unfortunately its not modded. I had watched many videos and had read many articles about the swap trick and tried it today. With no luck But I guess (I am almost 100% sure) its not due to my unhandiness and heres the reason:
I own three original games, when I use swap trick with them (put game 1,let sega read the data, put game 2 for "copyright track" and then again game 1) I have no problems and all combinations (6) work fine, I am 100% succesful.
I assume that problem must be somewhere else.

When I do the swaptrick with burnt cds knowingly bad, the access light stops flashing or the SEGA logo on TV remains and nothing happen. When I do the swaptrick correctly, it says "Disc unsuitable for the system."
The games I am trying the swaptrick with are:
NHL '98, I downloaded the image here (I guess its one and the same game).
Its mds/mdf format and I used alcohol 120 for making a copy.
Another game is Radiant Silvergun, I got the image here.
Its classic cue format and I used Nero (10x speed).

I know this "disc unsuitable" failure message appears when trying to play imports but not if the swaptrick is used.

Any ideas why these games dont work?

edit - same result with mk 2 (UK) from Zophars page

edit 2- it doesnt mean i do the swaps..t well when it works with original games, its MUCH easier to do with originals when both CDs have the protective strips EDIT 3- but the lens read the protective strip only after first swap, it must be something with the isos
someone who doesnt need chip for SS model1? this si real pain in youknowwhere

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