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Kroah - looks very good indeed! Regards puzzles n the like, I recall in one of the walkthroughs of the Rings level (W1L3) that there was a key which could not be collected or something, I'll have to re-check that though. The other thing which was always weird was how on the very last level, if you open the map view, you will see a strange exit shown to the very bottom or something like that..

Was a superb game though. Needs a remix perhaps one day, 4 player internet, but using the same 2D gfx n the like perhaps, maybe a CE3 : Return To Chaos or somin, years later going back to see what happened to the ruins etc... To think they could have done some neat things with Chaos, like introduce a female character even, daughter of the Navvie or somin eh lol.

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