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Hi chaps,
Thanks for the kind replies & offers of help - I appreciate it.

Sorry I've been a bit quiet, today's the first time I've loged-in anywhere I usually hang out in a while: Been having one of those 'Bloody poxy computers, mumble, mumble, if I never touch another computer... mumble, mumble' feeling sorry for myself sessions.

Been feeling a bit sorry for myself because I NEVER take backups & have always gotten away with it...
...I DID take backups this time because the data I'm hosting isn't mine, & look what happened: It seems the PSU in my own server caught fire & because it's a metal box that contained the fire long enough to thoroughly roast the contents of said server while heating up the Qube sitting on top of it and so kill it's HDD.

-Still awaiting replacement HDD logic board (HongKong -> UK is a bit slow)
-Further reading has me a bit concerned:
Segate HDD's seem to be:
1) VERY prone to popping their logic boards.
2) The chips tend to 'adapt' to the HDD mechanism in their drives so even if the platters are fine data recovery is iffy @ best. Great! I'll not be buying any more Segate drives - fingers throughly crossed.
-Having done some cleaning + testing of said logic board only one chip seems popped so if it's no-go I may butcher the replacement for the damaged chip & streach my meager surface-mount skills a bit...

@ Methanoid:
Prior to my little issue I did some testing...
...!SerialMouse is what you need - It WILL work with a PS2->Serial adaptor, I can't say about USB -> PS2 -> Serial. Sound's a bit iffy to me.

Thanks, and thanks for the offer of help - if all goes to plan I'll be up again once the new logic board arrives...
...If I have to embark on some scary surface mount stuff (the pins are REALLY small on the seemingly dead chip) I could well be back in touch.

Thanks for the kind words & advice.

Copyright is allways a difficult area with 'abandonware' especially in the RO community where peeps are known to be a bit, um 'bolshy'..?
My attitude (hopefully agreed with by the other admins) is this:
-Is it actively supported / developed / sold material..? By this I mean there's at the least a functioning web-site where you can buy and get support, and have some hope for further development. Let's not do nice people out of their livelihood.
-EVERYTHING else is fair game!
It's a preservation resource & one of the big problems with ROS material is much of it is dissapearing into that limbo of 'it's not been released as freeware but neither is anyone actively supporting or selling'.
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