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A500 250 (SH)
A500 half meg expansion 30

A1200 (NEW) 400
20 MB HDD (SH)30
480MB HDD (NEW) 180
030/50mhz 250?
8MB ram 120

squirel +SCSI 120
Tabby graphics tablet 40

After commodore went bust:
CD32 20
A4000/040/25 50

Bits and bobs: joypads/sticks/mice/games/apps/magazines CF adapter etc

The A1200 upgrades came out of my student loan for my graphic design course. They were a sound investment. I made a pikey copy of a Mac rom at uni, and ran mac OS on my miggy - faster and a lot cheaper than everyone else on my course who bought real macs. Gave me access to quark, photoshop and Illustrator, and I could still use Dpaint and lightwave!
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