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i'm pretty much like akira, cept i bought my a500 in 89 and sold my 1200 in around 95, rediscovered the amigascene again at around 2000 again, when i saw someone had dumped an a500 in our trash, just fitted a ram expansion and needed some disks , bought my at that time dream machine an a4000 with cybergraphix and everything stuffed inside, but didnt really like it, coz it was big as a house and my girlfriend at that time was not happy with that , so I bought back my very own a1200 that i sold waaay back in 95 and got myself a 10gig harddrive and a bliz1260 with 64megs and have never looked back sadly it burned the sound channels this christmas holyday so right now i'm messing around with an a500 with kick 1.2 again lol coinsidence ?
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