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Using floppy double density disks taught me patience. Not that the load times were overly long, just long enough to instill some discipline in me. These days, if a power devouring photo editing suite or graphics hungry game doesn't load up within two seconds of a mouse click, people complain. Cry me a river, then jump in it.

As others have said, loading up applications and games from diskettes was an experience unto itself. The whirring, clicking and droning noises emanating from good ol' DF0 provided aural feedback about the progress of the load, and was in turn quite relaxing and harmonious as you, say, simultaneously gathered yourself up and wound yourself down in preparation for your favourite game (Gods) to commence.

And then there were panic-stricken moments too, like when your drive made the familiar grinding noise as it encountered a disk error, and you'd sweat as you fretfully watched the LED light flash on and off, your mouth dry. But you know what? That was all part of the fun!

So not knock the DDs.

And I'm not talking about breasts, but you shouldn't knock those either.
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