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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
from what reading I have been able to get through around the net, it looks like the AGA chipset is simply a rushed and poor replacement for the AAA and if this is true, then that could explain alot why, imho, the a1200 is so bareboned and cheap all around. commodore, I feel, never really gave a shit about the amiga machine or its users for that matter, so its ironic really that amiga inc. is acting in the exact same way towards its old fan base, screw them, if the manufacture is not even remotely interested in evolving their own product into what their own engineers is envisioning, well then there is no reason to start speculating what if, coz it would never have happened anyways
Commodore didn't really seem to know what to do with the amiga. Add a really expensive laptop PCMCIA port, but have the processor run at half speed with no fast ram? and don't update the floppy drive or soundchip from th A1000 seven years previous?, release the A1200 without chunky conversion, but the CD32 with it? crazy.
It's almost like they knew they had defeated Atari and thought, that's it, we've won, and just kind of sat around for a bit creaming the profit. Then turned around and saw that consoles were not NES's anymore, and PC's weren't CGA with beeps, wet themselves, and quickly released the A1200.

...still love my A1200 though!
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