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Hi all,

I'm actually finishing a chaos engine viewer i begun some years ago (based on the CD32 version). Maybe you know my website about game decompilation (mainly on Atari):

I've reverse engineered some parts of the chaos engine binary to better understand the engine, sprites/palette creation and files structures. I never saw a game with so many strange things about files... probably a consequence of the CD32 conversion.

The utility allows you to view (of course) and execute some actions like activating triggers, getting items, running scripts and killing monsters while the map reflects the changes. All data are extracted on the fly from original ones (with or without RNC compression). By the way, i discovered what i call "RNC archive" which is several RNC files stored in one file...

Even if i code all my tools to fulfill my curiosity, i hope you'll be interested in it.

To complete it, i'll need some feedbacks concerning the puzzles:

- Do you remember if you came across some puzzles you've never been able to solve and/or were never explained by walkthroughs?

- Do you remember some puzzles behaving incorrectly?

Edit: I just saw the amiga longplay "Amiga Longplay [169] The Chaos Engine" on YouTube ( [ Show youtube player ]). I'm a little surprise the player resolves so few secrets. Maybe he does this with a speedrun in mind?

Edit2: The replay "Amiga Longplay [328] The Chaos Engine (a)" [ Show youtube player ] is a lot better.

Thank you,

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