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Hmm on the Amiga it would also have to be Starglider for me though F18 was a very jealous time when i had only my ST back then

Sword of Sodan had stupendous visuals and sound that you just couldn't ignore at the time

Stunt Car of course was immense as too was Carrier Command

It goes without saying that Turrican2 felt like having an arcade in the home and that was just all round impressive

It's probably fair to say that i didn't have too many shocks after these though but the Amiga's graphics were always sumptuous

Snes just about straight away amazed me with Super Mario, F-Zero, Super Tennis, then Zelda, Actraiser, Parodius, Castlevania4 and Super Contra(i had to have the import), Streetfighter2, Starfox, Axelay.The Snes kept on impressing to be honest

Playstation Wipeout was the next wow moment followed by N64 Super Mario and then Ocarina

Since then not a lot has really had the same impact

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