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Yeah TCD Switch Panic is one of those mad and unique games really worth playing because it's not like other stuff

And people do like to slag into the FMV based Mega CD stuff quite a bit and although it's perfectly justified in some respects, there wont ever be that type of software again.These games are enjoyable in a different way if you approach them just to have fun laughing at how cheesy they are.They're a tiny part of history and although they're not much in the way of any true gameplay as such, you can still be entertained by most of them.To just say they are not in any way important because they're by duff comparison to more traditional games is being a bit harsh

Fire some of them up again with a new outlook and you'll be suprised how much fun you can have

And back on topic

I remember there being a fun top down fun racer for the Tg16 though i can't remember what it was now

Xak III (translated) is a fairly gripping tale that even reminds me of something like the invading Covenant from Halo.Only played so much of this one but the story alone had me gripped while i did
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