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Typos I can fix, music I cannot

I'm not sure why it does that - it seems to pause for a fraction of a second each time it loads a picture. hitchhikr - Do you have any idea as to what's going on? I checked your version in the zone and it does the same thing.

The in-game music seems unaffected - it's just the title screen so the game is still playable - for now consider it a beta.


Anyway, and here's a more serious issue that has me concerned... I've just seen the Micro Mart article. It's a really impressive write-up, but I WISH that the writer had got in touch with me first as it makes out that these downloads are completely legal - which of course they are not. I've updated the legal text on the site to reflect this - but I'm in two minds at the moment as to whether or not I should actually remove some of the big names just to be on the safe side (R-Types, Turrican, etc.) - I really don't want to get shut down for this, as this little project was started with only good intentions...

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