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Originally Posted by mfletcher View Post

A bit of a noob question, but I see after OS 3.9 work was done on Boing Bags 1 and 2. But was there any more real work carried out on the OS after this?

I know that OS 3.9 was superceded by OS 4.0 and OS 4.1, but for me OS 3.9 is really the last revision of the OS that can be run on classic hardware in any significant quantity. You need a PPC card for OS 4.x and they're expensive as heck and rare as hens teeth.

I havent actually tried OS 3.9, some people claim it to be a resource hog, but surely if development was continued on 3.9, perhaps it could be made more efficient?
Because AmigaInc were running the show I guess

Anway, you are correct 3.9 is the best classic Amiga OS to run on classic HW. It's not as resource hungry as some people claim and will run quite happily on a standard 1200 as long as you've got some fast ram (6mb+) although you will need to do some fine tuning (eg disable the doc navbar).
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