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Horrible though they clearly are these days by direct comparison, there's something strangely more real about a lot of those Playstation games's experiences - in the same way a lot of Amiga games or indeed just something like a humble VCS game also have this.The closer to real we seem to get, i guess the less we're left imagining.There are some vividly clear memories i remember from my Playstation days and i put that down to how much everything seemed so real at the time

FF7 is a good example of how a remake today would actually ruin what works already so well regards to the chunky polygon characters

Still who knows if we'll look back on the current gen and think anything similar - maybe it's just the impressionable age we were back then

All seems like a blink of an eye we all got our first taste of a Playstation and indeed our Amiga's before it
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