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Originally Posted by Reynolds View Post
Guys, the only way to be fair with this if you set names from all genres. Where are the sport games? Racing games like Lotus II? Strtegy games, as Settlers, managementsims as Theme Park, and all the rest? And on-screen visual euphoria is not the only method to vote for the best... (this is for Lionheart and Turrican II oh,almost forgot simulations like F-15 II which is more stunning than F/A for me... ;P
no, i think the whole point of the thread is you are supposed to pick a game which acts as a good "representative" of great amiga games, regardless of genre, style etc.

In my case, i picked what I regard as a great "ambassador" of Amiga games... going from the Amiga to many many platforms. Unique, and yet well suited to the amiga... especially when you consider the ease of using two mice on the amiga for multiplayer compared with other systems.

It's actually not even in my personal top 3 Amiga games, although it does come very close... i nonetheless regard it as the quintessential Amiga game which everyone should try.
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