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I'm back with two more releases

Fly Harder CD32 SE

Click here for the story behind this one:

In a nutshell, this is a 'fixed' version of the official CD32 release (using the original CD files and not WHDLoad). As stated in the intro message above, Hitchhkr modified the game executable so that in-game the controls are now Left/Right to rotate, Red button to thrust and Green to fire. Finally, this great thrust clone is actually playable on the CD32!

Next up we have RGCD Arcade (Volume Two)

Four games (Extrial, Jump 'N Roll, Roketz AGA 1.39 (Full Version) and WormOut 2097), all of which play on a standard CD32 with no requirement for a keyboard. Extrial WHDLoad patch is by Bored Seal, and the Jump 'N Roll patch is by Codetapper/Action.

Roketz AGA is limited in the fact that you have to play as anonymous players and hence stats are not saved against your profile - but apart from that it works fine

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