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Let me put it this way: had WHDload never existed, I would still use my Amiga just as much as I do nowadays. We were a lot more patient back in the days I think, though. I always laughed when Playstation owners complained about the loading times - but nowadays I kinda do the same on modern consoles. For example, I haven't played too much of Rag Doll Kung Fu on the PSN, simply because it takes too long to load.

Maybe it was the little clicks and ticks the floppy drive makes, but you can hear it loading. Many times, modern consoles don't give any feedback, either it's just a black screen or it's a spinning disc in one of the corners. The feedback kinda makes it bearable.

To be honest, I kinda miss using floppy disks at times, but I just can't be bothered grabbing them from my vast archive of floppies. Back in the days, I would already have all my amiga floppies in a box on the table, ready for use. I didn't have a million games, only favourites of mine. Unlike some people I knew, I didn't collect everything. One of my friends and some of my contacts was a completist, and had to have everything even if it was a shitty game, demo, even programs.

Oh, and I completed Monkey Island 2, played to the end of Fate of Atlantis, Willy Beamish and Beneath a Steel Sky, and countless other games with a vast number of disks, all from floppies.
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