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Originally Posted by adolescent View Post
Let's put things into perspective. PCs weren't born with HDs just like Amigas weren't born with HDs. For instance on my 1985 PCjr I had the choice of floppy or cartridge. Floppies were cheaper, easier to find, and you could copy and share things with friends. So no. I never found floppies to be annoying (until I got my first HD at least).

Just because you hadn't heard about them didn't mean they didn't exist.
I never got a PC until like 1992, and even then it was one of those clones. 386 clocked at 20 MHZ, a 5.25 and 3.5 floppy drive, built-in VGA, and a Sound Blaster PRO with that annoying PC Speaker connected right to it.... But at least it had a hard drive! I also remember buying a 2X speed CD-ROM unit, and screwing around with it from time to time. My floppy drives and that slow-ass CD unit was my only experience of those load times, I guess.

BTW, I'm not THAT old, compared to you geezers out here.
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