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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Loding from tape on the spectrum was not only very slow, it was unrelaible.
So Amiga floppies were great back in the day.
It's all relative.
Today, I can't stand to wait for floppy disks.
I used Denon 90, Basf 90 and few Agfa 90 MCs for backuping games and I dont remember having problem with loading games. Around 2004 (thirteen years after I sold speccy!) I found some cassettes and tried to load some games using ancient walkman and speccy emulator, every single game was loaded with no problem
In my point of view they are very reliable. Maybe it depends on cassettes or cassette player you are using.

The cassettes which I found not very reliable: AudioStar (but only later types, friend of mine used only AudioStar MCs and didnt have problems at all), some types of Sony MCs, Toshibas. Maxell MCs (white blue ones) were very good too.
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