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IMO floppies were blisteringly fast compared to cassette tapes, although some cassette tapes (i.e. C64 stuff) had some cool loaders added for whilst you were waiting for them to fully load in. An example of these were obviously the Ocean Loader ones, that played a cool tune while you waited Plenty of time for coffee, beer, cigarette and a bit of nookie on the side too.

When using the floppies on the Amiga, you may of waited a while for things to load but for me, this was an excuse to light up a cigarette, so time was irrelevant

Just like anything, you get used to the speeds and now things run immensely faster, I still find myself twiddling my thumbs waiting for stuff to load in, so everything is relative to what you use. A Spectrum and C64 will take, say, 2 mins to load a game which is no problem 'cause I expect that, an Amiga will take, say 30 to 60 seconds, once again I expect that, a peecee will take 0.000043878626459 milliseconds to load a game and funnily enough I expect it to be faster And this is probably the same with others too. When something else comes along which is even faster, the 0.000043878626459 milliseconds load time I will expect and so on and so on

btw. The 0.000043878626459 milliseconds load time is just a joke as in reality I couldn't really give an accurate load time as it all depends on what you want to run.
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