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Floppy loading time was never a problem. The big exception was ofc multi-disk games. But then again, even if the loader was twice as fast and had supported "1 disk in each drive", it would have been just as annoying.

As a "for real" reference in the modern world, on my C2D 3GHz+HDD from 2007, loading Half-Life 2 takes about a minute (haven't timed it). Between levels probably 5-25 seconds. So, loading times are still here

Very early on (1987) disks cost $3 a piece and were absolute crap quality. In a 10-pack, there was always one disk that was bad. Maxell. Goldstar. But soon Asian factories made "noname" bulk packs that were better in quality, and that dropped the price and all were happy. Except the floppy producers that put their logo on crap expensive disks.

Writing a bad track on a crappy disk or a failed write would result in a "GNIARR GNIARR" sound when the disk would be read later. This was called the dreaded "read/write error". We all had "r/w error-anxiety". Some games had loaders that emulated this sound, making the gamer go "oh no!" and be certain the game would fail loading

The sound comes from the loader detecting a bad checksum and stepping all the way to track 0 and back to the bad track for another try. Since most bad tracks were either on the first or last tracks, it would result in this sound.

Just like the "loading" title in any modern game, a floppy loader could be a reward after a completed level, or give a feeling of anticipation... "wow, he's loading a LOT of stuff, something cool must be coming up..."

For me, the calm "chug-chug" sound is very relaxing, and load times are rarely (never) a problem. There's something to be said for flipping through games and just shove the game you want in the drive
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