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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
£20 on a second hand A1200 or £200+ on an FPGA board that MAY get an AGA core at sometime in the future... know which one my money will be spent.
Oh sure, but we're not talking about just price here are we, otherwise everyone would stick to UAE.

The Replay FPGA board will be fun, but you really should be a developer / potential developer to want to get one.
I'd say there's a market for the Replay as an ultimate Minimig board, which means it's customer base is extended beyond developers only. Of course when the Clone-A is released that's the easy mass market choice.

It's never going to be as good as an 060 A1200/A4000!
Maybe not straight away, but it's not out of the question. From the FPGA Arcade website:

"Here is the layout of one of the sub boards - in this case the 68K processor.

It was important to do this before the main card is completely finalised as a few pin swaps were necessary to get this to route on a two layer card. As you can see, it has gone in nicely and has an almost complete ground plane on the bottom side (component). This means we should get good signal integrity to the processor and be able to run faster devices - perhaps upto 66MHz. (68060 anybody?)"
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