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Cool A little positivity, folks?

Well, I am going to send my cash to Amiga. This is exactly the sort of thing I have been waiting for. What the hey; I usually spend more on beer on any given night, and this is a way to help (in however small a way) make the comeback of the Amiga a successful one. The free shirt I care not for. I was going to buy OS4 and the required h/w anyway, so putting up part of the money up front does not worry me.

The press release states the aims of the promotion clearly enough: to gauge demand for the new product, and to demonstrate this demand to distribution partners, and other commercial parties involved. All the other stuff (t-shirt, etc.) is just tongue-in-cheek, to make it seem a little less like pre-ordering. How else are they supposed to know how many to manufacture? Wait and see is not the right course of action in this case. Definitely 'put your money where your mouth is'.

@Akira: Spending dough on existing A1200 equipment (which I am also doing) is fine, but it does not help get new products onto shop shelves.
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