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Did anybody ever find floppy disks annoying?

BTW, I'm asking this question in the past context, like WAY BACK in the late 80's/mid 90's.

I never really grew up with an Amiga (DOS & console gamer here), and so I've been learning more about the home computer that had never been in America (because I've never heard of the Amiga until last year). Which is why I'm asking that question.

I can't really imagine how annoying it must have been to load and play an A500 game from the floppy drive. Compared to the load times I hear people complaining about today, the Amiga's load times were just downright appalling, and the disk swapping can sometimes destroy the fun for me (if I had to juggle more than 3 or 4 disks, that is). I've tried out Lotus 3 on both DOS and Amiga, and I honestly could not stand waiting for the Amiga version to boot up and play. This is due to the fact, however, that my old DOS PC had a 80 or 100 MB HDD, and most DOS games I've played had to be installed onto the HDD. I don't know if the A500 had an installable HDD, but I can't imagine having to swap disks just to play Monkey Island 1 or 2 on the Amiga.

Does anybody honestly think that floppy drives back then weren't so bad to deal with compared to today? Did people have more patience with those load times back then?

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