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Hi all,

I feel like a damn virgin coming on to this forum and being sooooo behind the times with the Amiga.

My name is Arron Hawke and I came here basically by accident... well, by actually massaging my huge.... errr.... ego. I was indeed googling a great game called 'The Eire-Raising Adventures of Seamus O'Mally' when I discovered a bloke from these fair shores called TheCyberDruid (who seems far more active on this forum than can be good for him) actually had it in his Start-up Sequence. I then looked for him and found that he resided on these pages and thus looked through the pages and found my love for the Amiga come surging back and hence here I am, totally lost and no idea what to do. OK, I know I need to get an emulator, but there endeth my knowledge.

I first got an Amiga500 back in 1988 I believe, after being conned in to buying an Atari ST at first. <shakes his head in shame> Before that I had a Commodore 64, a spectrum 128+, a rubber keyed spectrum, and a ZX81 that crashed more often than Mr. Bean in a McLaren F1. Sadly I finally converted to the dark side and bought a PC in '97 and there I stayed. That said, the height of my computing life was the fabulous A500 and to this day I still class it as the best computer ever. For it's time, there is no better.

That's it really. Feel free to e-mail me, oh and yes Seamus was my work. 3 years in the making for that. Hahaha. This still represents the most creative thing I have ever done and it's all thanks to the Amiga!

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