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Finally finished downloading and got it going in GameBase and wow.. Great stuff! I can tell a TON of work has been done already.

Off the bat, I have two suggestions and one criticism (don't worry about that; I'll explain in a bit... ) One suggestion is to have as the 'genre' if it's a megademo, intro, cracktro, diskmag, etc etc.

The other is if it was presented at a demo party and what place it finished. (perhaps best fits in the 'comments' field) It could be, say: (The Party 1990, 1st place) and the parenthesis should move them up to the top of the list when sorted, but not interfere if there is a further comment, like, 'hit left mouse button when the screen flashes' or something.

The criticism is that it perhaps needs a better splashscreen. (I say this because I did it, and think someone could surely do better.. heh)

Perhaps a subforum somewhere here would be good for additions/suggestions/fixes etc?
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