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Ever worried that disks you dumped turned out to be bad?

I was just thinking this myself lately. Many moons ago I contributed a fair few dumps on here of stuff I at least considered rare, such as an Oracle-cracked beta of James Pond 1 I had in my disk collection during the 90's. Thing is, I dumped it using the disk2fdi method (which involved using 2 internal floppy drives), and while there seemed to be no loading/major problems through WinUAE if I recall correctly, I do wonder whether my dumping method produced any bad blocks/sectors/bytes somewhere down the line (and I know this can be a major issue judging by the "bad cracks" thread elsewhere on this forum). And I know disk2fdi wasn't the most reliable tool on the block after seeing it produce bad/non-working dumps of some other disks of mine back then.

Alas this is an issue I am no longer able to resolve due to not having an Amiga, nor the disk in question - not that I ever had the right Amiga to use more 'mature' dumping tools to begin with! I know that the disk in question has since been added to TOSEC (been in there for many years now actually), and I would love to know whether it's a good dump or not (I assume the TOSEC copy is taken from my dump anyhow - unless someone else out there was lucky to possess exactly the same thing also!) - I'm just not quite sure how you go about checking for bad sectors on a disk and what not. What programs do you recommend? Bear in mind this'll all have to be done through WinUAE, which should hopefully be good enough.

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