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Originally Posted by cybernoid View Post
so if AAA was released in 1995 and Commodore didnt went down,
the next AAAA chip would have been better than any gfx/ soundcard we have today... Right?
No, it probably wouldn't even get close. Think about it. A typical AGA machine such as the A1200 is a lot more powerful then an snes, right? Of course it is. An A500 is. But in terms of old school game performance, it still doesn't touch it.

The snes has layers and a large number of sprites, which is crucial in old school games. From what I've read just now, the AAA chipset would be able to beat the snes in old school game performance, but 1995 would've been a little bit late to start beating the snes, wouldn't it? If you think about it this way, a hypothetical AAAA chipset might be on par with a Plastation, or PS2 at the very most, as far as game performance is concerned, nothing more, unless it was designed today to beat todays products.

Just my thoughts
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