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A bit of a cold thread, but:

Eye of the mask (ZX spectrum) -fast filled vectors (ish)
The hobbit (ZX) -my first encounter with an adventure
laser squad (zx) my first in depth strategy game on a computer
Hawkeye (c64) so pretty, and such great tunes....
Armalyte (c64) even prettier...
Nebulous (c64) that tower...
Last ninja (c64) great game, music and graphics
R-type (arcade) the daddy
Elite (ST) a bit late I know...
captain blood (ST) sampled jean mechelle jarre, and cool canyon rendering, and that weird alien language.
Dungeon master (A500) first persin dungeon, i'm in!
defender of the crown (A500) just wow
shadow of the beast (A500) so pretty...where the gameplay again?
stardust (a500)
Hired guns (a500)
lionheart (a500)
xenon 2 (A500)
populous (A500) a god game, what's that...oh I see!
legend of valour (A500) what's a textured polygon...oh, that cool! (hadn't seen wofenstein)
robocop 3 (A500?) the future, but not textured

virtua fighter (saturn)
Panzer dragoon (saturn)
ff7 (PSX)
ocarina of time (N64)

quake (PC) the future, and textured (just)
tomb raider (PC) just engrossing
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