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That particular config didn't use normal Fast RAM to begin with. It uses 2MB Chip, 16MB Z3, 4MB RTG. I'm also using the Kick 3.1 from Amiga Forever (which uses a rom.key file)

I tried it with 4MB and 8MB chip and the error did change:

Byte put to custom register.
That's the last 2 lines of winuaelog.txt now. The "illegal lput" is gone, and it just throws "EvalException".

The main config I'm using for testing this is set up for 4MB JIT cache, Const Jump, No Flags, and FPU Support. It's also setup to use a 68020+FPU processor and "Fastest Possible, but maintain chipset timing".

I've tried every JIT combination I can think of (changing cache size, changing options) and can't get any config I have to work with JIT enabled.


Did some JIT tinkering.
Byte put to custom register.
Illegal lput at 00200000
Illegal wget at 00f10000
Illegal wget at 00f10002
Illegal wget at 00f10004
Illegal wget at 00f10006
Illegal wget at 00f10008
Illegal wget at 00f1000a
Illegal wget at 00f1000c
Illegal wget at 00f1000e
Illegal wget at 00f10010
Illegal wget at 00f10012
Illegal wget at 00f10014
Illegal wget at 00f10016
Illegal wget at 00f10018
Illegal wget at 00f1001a
Illegal wget at 00f1001c
Illegal wget at 00f1001e
Illegal wget at 00f10020
Illegal wget at 00f10022
Illegal wget at 00f10024
Fastmem (32bit): mapped @$10000000: 16 MB Zorro III fast memory
Card 1 (ZorroIII) done.
UAEGFX-card: mapped @$11000000
Card 2 (ZorroIII) done.
I get that if I check "Force Settings" and "indirect" or "after Picasso". The other JIT options don't matter. The "Illegal lput" up top still disappears if I use more than 2MB chip.

Hope this helps you some more.

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