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AAA started development in 89 before AGA. I think the 1985 16 bit Blitter and Copper along with no chunky mode in AGA was quite a crime :0( AAA offered all of these. Here's just a snippet:-


The AAA blitter is significantly faster than the ECS/AA blitter when running in 32-bit
mode, thanks to the faster, wider bus. Just doing basic scrolls, it can scroll a 640x200x2 screen about 6 times faster, or a 640x200x4 screen about 9 times faster than with the old blitter. But that’s just raw data movement.

Logical improvments to the blitter streamline much of its use. In 32-bit mode, it’s much
easier to program. It now operates using pixel addressing rather than via masks, modulos, and shifts. It can operate on traditional Amiga bitplanes, or on chunky pixels of 2,4,8, or 16 bits width. The line-draw has also been improved, supporting a new “clip-rect” mode for better GUI performance under Intuition. Finally, several arithmetic operations have been added for “sort” and “tally” operations on planes of any pixel depth.


The copper has been improved in several areas. It can handle 32-bit operations for the
new 32-bit registers, and supports a “move-multiple” function for more efficient loading of blocks of consecutive registers, such as color tables. The copper now has an interrupt capability, which lets it receive an interrupt from the blitter. This allows the copper to manage a series of blit operations, one after another, without additional processor intervention.


16,8,4 or 2 bit chunky modes
16 bitplanes
128 pixel wide sprites
24 bit hybrid mode


The AAA chip set contains the first improvement in Amiga-based sound since the Amiga
was introduced. The audio circuitry can handle sampling rates of better than 50kHz with 16-bit resolution. Eight channels are supported, and channels can be assigned to the left or right output. The 16-bit D/A converters are on-chip, and an external converter is also supported. Additionally, the chip set does 8-bit audio sampling.
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