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Apologies for the lack of replies. The disc (that I've just finished) had me stumped for ages.

I originally wanted to create a CD32 disc consisting of Jupiters Masterdrive, Max Rally, Micro Machines and Turbo Trax. However...

* I could not get Jupiters Masterdrive to work via WHDLoadCD32 so instead decided to include ATR (CD32 version) using the files from an original disc. I'll have to check other compilation discs to see if anyone else has got Jupiters Masterdrive to work, and if so, how.
* Max Rally caused me no end of problems... I installed the game to HD, then transferred over the files to CD, only to get a 'remove write protection on disk 2' messages. I then looked at other compilation disks and saw how it's been done before (the game works without the assigns as long as you have all the data files in one dir) and although it works, the game does not have any music. Oddly enough, if played on a winuae CD32 via a HD image it *does* work with music - I wasted hours trying to remedy this with no luck. If someone could hack the game binary so that the game doesn't check for write protection when the data on disk 2 is accessed then the game would work on a CD32 properly with music and the intro - the game already has write-protection tests built in later on and doesn't crash if you try to save on a protected disk (ie. CD) - it fails to write, but you don't get a pop-up message or anything nasty.
* I then decided to include an old shareware game I used to play on my A1200 called 'Last Lap'. This all worked OK via emulation and I even got as far as pixelling the menu screen with the game on - but when tested on real HW the game ran twice as fast as it should! Argh! Instead, I decided to include the CD32 version of Roadkill (using files from an original disc).
* Micro Machines (WHDLoadCD32 install) worked straight off with no issues. Thanks Wepl!
* I included Turbo Trax as I've played other compilations with the game on that crash after the first race on real HW. This version has been tested thoroughly and seems to be OK. The exit game button resets the CD32.

So after all that I have ATR (CD32), Micro Machines, Roadkill (CD32) and Turbo Trax on a disc instead.

Anyway - just got to finish the cover and upload tonight. The good news is that none of these games require any keyboard input to play - they are all playable on a standard CD32 console.

Lessons learned? Never trust the CD32 emulation in winuae alone - nothing beats a test on the real thing

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