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First time I've thought about the old Amiga porn in ages! So many memories!!

I remember the xmas I got my second hand Amiga, with a box full of the previous owners copied disks. Clearly my folks hadn't scanned it first, because after spending half the day up in my room playing through all the games, I got to a disk with the words 'strip poker' written on it. I shot up & closed the door, excitedly booted it up, and aptly enough there was a woman sitting in a Santa outfit! (Mariah's Xmas Box for those who know it)

After that I found another couple of cool disks. One I cant recall much of, but I think it was a slideshow. All I remember is one particular image of a beautiful oriental girl bathing topless (I think she was on a boat) Next I found another poker game where you could zoom! I thought it was amazing, but looking back, it was just really pixelated lol.

Things got worse after that though. I found a disk called 'the f**kstones (never watched that cartoon the same again!) Then I got to a really dodgy black & white slideshow containing things I was way to young to see! Thankfully I didn't understand most of it, but one image burnt into my mind. It was like a billboard of a woman on all fours with a tampon sticking out I'd probably love to see it again for nostalgia sake, but at the time it just confused and grossed me out!
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