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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Are you reading this thread? :P
Vention has the harddrive with the source but probably slept on it.
The mod was extracted from the disk because as -Vention said above-, the data for that hidden part IS in some form INSIDE the demo disks. But It was -deactivated- and -maybe overwritten-.

Sheesh guys, do read what has been posted before. All you need to do is poke Vention and see what he has done with his hard drive.
Yes I do Akira 'n' keep your hair on.

Vention does not speak for all of the many members of the Kefrens team, and I doubt he was the only one who had the code either. So maybe someone else has it and all I'm doing is trying other possibilities

You know Akira, I can do without someone making me look like a total idiot. Have you investigated anything before? You certainly don't rely on the first thing that you here. There also seems to be some uncertainty regarding this 2nd part, so if you want to help, then help, otherwise leave me to investigate it by myself
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