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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Vention said it himself above: the trigger has been REMOVED because it didn't work, so the only way to access this part is by poking through the code, IF it is present at all and not overwritten by other newer DD code.
Mostly everything mentioned above in my earlier post was done before I found this thread and I was just speaking of my actual efforts prior to reading it. Believe me, I tried 16 years ago and I've just stopped trying

As Vention coded the hidden parts, can anyone contact him to see if he can rip the code off and create an .exe of it, if it is there.

Maybe It's not worth it, but curiosity of mine and probably others too, would love to see it if it can be done. Come on, we have waited over 16 years for this and surely someone can tell us whether it's worth it or not.
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