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I think a tracker for something like this would be the best.. I can see a lot of folks wanting it -- and as a bonus, it's all..shall we say..freely distributable, so no reason people can't seed this a lot. Magix has been incredibly generous with his bandwidth; a little help might go a long way.

One suggestion, though I'm only marginally familiar with it, is using something like trrntzip (Torrent Zip, I assume) so folks can rezip what they have from TOSEC and other sources and not have to re-download what they already have. A .dat for clrmamepro/Romcenter would be needed, as well, for correct naming.

And not to gloss over it.. I can't wait for this.. Of course, the Amiga did a lot of different things, but I think most people immediately think games and demos, so this is a perfect companion to Gamebase Amiga. (Stating the obvious, but still, a huge thanks for the project.)

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