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I think it is time to resurrect this thread

Just over two years have passed (or 16 years for Desert Dream) and it looks like no-one has been able to find this 2nd hidden part Judging by what is written above, it's going to be very difficult to find out what is true and what is myth.

I have tried repeatedly with different combinations etc. to find this 2nd hidden part, and have not stumbled across it.

Maybe someone who knows what to look for can have a look at the code and either rip the hidden part off and make it an .exe or tell us if it's still there in its entirety and how to access it

It would be so cool if someone could just have a look to let us know if it's worth pursuing the 2nd hidden part.

As mentioned earlier in the thread I also found this at

Well, it seems like nobody have been able to find the second hidden part in Desert Dream, right!?.
For the interested phreaks i can reval, that half of the part is located
on D.D disk1. And the other half is located in the minidemo D.A.N.E. Nothing Is Impossible here!.
If this is true, then maybe a coder could look at both demo's to see what needs to be done
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