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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Dary the Amigasys guy is having a bit of a motivational crisis at the moment.

If you use amigasys or plan to use future versions please help Dary out if you can by either a donation here: or leave him some feedback via the amigasys threads on various amiga forums found here: amigaworld EAB

Amigasys obviously takes a lot of effort to compile for the various platforms it is available on and webspace isnt free, so if you use amigasys and can help please do.

Would be a shame to lose Dary and only be left with amikit.
Thanks for the proposal, I'm glad that somebody cares.

As everybody knows AmigaSYS is a completely free project, however the development and maintenace costs me a lot (time, hardwares, webhosting, etc).

When I released new versions nearly no support and reaction came, but the downloads were increasing a lot. Lack of support made my motivation low.
I was waiting but nothing happened. Regarding new versions the currect situation is not enough for me to continue. That's why I put that donation bar on the homepage.

I would gladly make a new version for the Amiga community, but for that I also need you, to support me with the costs of the development of AmigaSYS 5.

Ps. You'd laugh if you'd know how low is the support needed to reach 100%. Ridiculous..


Thanks T Hairy, and EAB users.
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