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Sorry to hear about that Charlie. Maybe we can try and mirror the content? I have a PC I use as a server that is on nearly 24/7. I'm constantly uploading with utorrent so I can't offer the service you have, but I can at least try to keep a regular backup for you. I'm guessing the content so far hasn't even reached a GB yet? No problems if it's multiple GBs though.

Just picked up a few games off the bay so I'll try to have some more box scans etc by the time you are up and running again.

In reply to your PM a week or so ago (sorry for not getting back I've been busy playing Pandora's Box and doing lots of soldering projects) my biggest suggestion would be to create a .dat file for clrmame pro of all of the content. This would make it easy to see if people have the latest files and could help facilitate backups etc.

As a final note - how concerned is this project about Copyright etc? Specifically 4th Dimension Games as they are still being sold by APDL? Are we to assume that people will only download stuff they own the originals for?
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