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Well, I'm mainly an Amiga emu-user, but there's lots of other aspects of the Miggy that I'm interested in.

"Option 3 but with 'todays technology' upgrades
Anarchist - extreme case/motherboard/tweak modifying
Sega Master System
Emulator only for me
New conceptions of the Amiga - Minimig et al"

Pretty much covers the most of it. But the history regarding the technology of the Amiga, and the Amiga's place in the evolution of computer-hardware is also very interesting. It's a whole new world of discovery there, for me!

The Sega Master System option I took because it signals my non-exclusivity. I play loads of platforms. I think there's something to find on almost every one of them, really.

I rather prefer the Genesis to the Master System however.
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