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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
I have a MicroA1-c that I've hardly even used. It's down in Chicago at DiscreetFX being used to develop Aladdin 4d. It exists too and even has been upgraded to AmigaOS 4.1! That doesn't mean that the Natatmi prototype doesn't exist, it just isn't in production yet.
No effence, but people know DiscreetFX, hell I have even heard of Alladdin 4D. So we know that exists, plus it aint hyped up.

This is the whole point, as pointed out by mechanoid. They hyped it up and blew smoke up our arses. They must have felt pretty stupid, when Summer 2008 came and went.

I wont say anymore on this, as I dont want to argue you, as I have alot of respect for you, .
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