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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
@TCD: Thanks - I've just found a company in Hong-Kong that sell the very logic board I need (not cheep) - hopefully if the fire hasn't toasted the platters I'll be up again in a somewhat deconstructed state until I find another Qube to house it all in... for my own server - hmm, maybe it's time I finished that RiscPC server as I now have a bit more room...

@chiark: Although Arcs will run from the command-line fine you are a bit buggered without a mouse.
If a 'proper' Acorn mouse doesn't turn up (pricey) STD do a very nice Arc-PS2 adaptor...
...still too pricey?
I'm about to zone some files you may find useful - keyboard mouse emulation & a serial driver for serial mouse.

If you're having trouble with set up of your HDD feel free to pm me...
...Q&A like this was meant for the Qube's BB! Ho, hum it will be back some time...
Chaz, bad news on the server(s) and fingers crossed for the recovery. Hope it wasnt the Zonbu that fried!!

Do you know if the Serial-PS2 adapters work on Arch and if the PS2-USB adapters work? I'm wondering if both combined plus a nice PC optical mouse would be best for my new Arch
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