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Another Space Hulk inspired remake

Just read at the moby forums about a freeware game under development that although not a remake is heavily inspired by Space Hulk (rather Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels though).

It is called Derelict, is right now at 1.2beta and apparently they are looking for playtesters or any kind of comments.

Right now, although playable, it is clearly missing in some departments (SFX, animations, not yet seen a chainsword ).
But play through the tutorial (5 minutes) and you'll probably see how much potential it has.

Therefore, since they are only asking for feedback, go, try and leave comments there.

As a side note, the author also made a game inspired by The New Zealand Story that you can grad in the Games/Full Games section of the site (probably was posted on EAB earlier but still worth mentionning it if it was not).
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