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@TCD: Thanks - I've just found a company in Hong-Kong that sell the very logic board I need (not cheep) - hopefully if the fire hasn't toasted the platters I'll be up again in a somewhat deconstructed state until I find another Qube to house it all in... for my own server - hmm, maybe it's time I finished that RiscPC server as I now have a bit more room...

@chiark: Although Arcs will run from the command-line fine you are a bit buggered without a mouse.
If a 'proper' Acorn mouse doesn't turn up (pricey) STD do a very nice Arc-PS2 adaptor...
...still too pricey?
I'm about to zone some files you may find useful - keyboard mouse emulation & a serial driver for serial mouse.

If you're having trouble with set up of your HDD feel free to pm me...
...Q&A like this was meant for the Qube's BB! Ho, hum it will be back some time...
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