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Originally Posted by pce_gamer View Post
Naive and moronic? I love it when a someone outside the states has such great insight into our country. Cause, you know, were everthing like you see in the US made movies. Yup, that's us to a "T". No such thing as diversity here. Nope. And never mind that Mario was extremely popular in Japan. But hey, they're naive and moronic too, right?

I guess that's why the GB/GBA/NDS was so popular in the rest of the world. You guys turned into naive and moronic gamers too. Welcome to the family
Let it be known right now that i am not AGAINST AMERICANS! Its just a fact that some of the more alternative systems were not big in America and that when i mention the words "naive" and "moronic", i am only addressing the many that proclaim a game like Mario is the be all and end all when they have been blissfully unaware of the rest of the world and what it was it experiencing in that time such as the 80's and 90's.

The Japanese had games that WE in the west NEVER experienced and no i would not say that they are moronic because i have never had a Japanese tell me that Mario is the greatest thing ever made and NOTHING has ever come close (being able to speak Japanese may help), and i although i am not saying that it never happens, i just find that good majority of comments like yours comes predominately from Americans.

Which goes back to what i was saying a minute ago about having NEVER experienced some absolutely KILLER Japanese games because they were never released in the West, so as a result i would not be so ignorant that any "one" game on the Amiga outdoes all else in a particular genre!

And i have been to America, i was there for 6 weeks back in 2003 and i met some wonderful people and i enjoyed my stay but there, but i am not talking about the general populace in this discussion i am talking about the American "gaming" populace. There are actually a few American gamers that take part in the EAB competitions but they seem to be of the very few that experienced the Amiga in its entirety in that time and do not have idealogical idea that Nintendo games are Gods gift to the entire world of gaming. They are level headed individuals.

I have also been to Germany, France & South Korea and you do find distinct differences in what they consider a good gaming.

And your statement about us turning into moronic gamers because of the GBA..etc.. well mate, we had back then virtually ALL the systems were big in the 80's and 90 across Europe/Australia/England so we got to see it from all sides and not just the side of Nintendo and Sega (and yes, i do know that the C64 was big in America), so the understanding we have of such an Alternate system such as the Amiga is something that was not granted to many Americans of that time.

I guess you could say that we were "all rounders".

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