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Originally Posted by switchblade View Post
Just to reply to the OP's post: There is no such thing as a "pure" platform game. The genre, in and of itself, can be expanded with different concepts loaded into a platform game. You sure as hell aren't going to tell me that games like Mario and Sonic can be compared with Turrican, Metroid, or Another World? Because they can't.
There is a "pure" platform game - Jumping Jack. I play it with a joypad that has six fire buttons.

Originally Posted by switchblade View Post
P.S.: I prefer right-hand drive cars, instead of left-hand drive ones. Is an Englishman or an Aussie gonna ostracize my driving skills because of that? >_>
I prefer lefthanded girls (they are better than righthanded) and I dont like Mario games, they suck.

This is not only my opinion but ultimate truth.
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