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i finaly managed to get Aros (Icaros 1.1) booting using VirtualBox. as explained on the icaros site, you should change some grub options.
1) i did choose "VGA 640 400 4 bpp (slow ata)" in grub boot menu
(this booted into the desktop - VESA modes did not)
2) open a shell and edit sys:boot/grub/grub.cfg
change "ATA=32bit" into "ATA=nodma" (those entries for VESA modes)
save changes and reboot.
3) now those VESA 32bpp modes works and you can boot into the desktop.

for the update, insert the update cd-image (Ikaros 1.1.1 Update) after booting into the desktop and run SYS:Tools/Updater (i've been looking for that "Updater" on the live-cd before - drove me nuts, until i finaly found it).

updating here still in progress, but things looks good so far.
thnx Team AROS/Icaros.

Edit: *ouch* - the 1.1.1 update screwed up the 1.1 install. after the reboot-requester from the "Updater", it stated no "PIPEFS:" available, then nothing, just empty "Workbench Screen" - did a reboot, and now i'm stuck on the grub-menu - any entry says "error couldn't read segment from file". not that good

well, anyway, keep up team AROS/Ikaros

Edit2: you can edit the grub menu entries: choose one and type "e" and change "aros-pc-i386.gz" into "aros-safemode.gz". then press "ctrl-x" to boot and you'll get the PIPEFS error message (missing PIPEFS:systempipe")

Edit3: you still can boot using the update CD, so not all is lost. i'll dig a bit more. maybe i find the pipefs issue.
Edit4: the updated AROS partition has same kernel in "boot" folder as the Update-CD. hmm.

Beside the PIPE: and PIPEFS: entries in s:startup-sequence, does anyone know, when and where this PIPEFS: gets started ?

Edit5: now i was using the Installer (not updater) and get the same result on grub entries: "error couldn't read segment from file" - i guess i'll wait for the next update

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